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Hunter: Sam Gichuru

KejaMove Early Stage

Category: Logistics place Kenya

Tags: web, b2b, b2c

Kejamove is an International moving company that offers Professional Home and Office relocation services.

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  • About: almost 2 years ago

    Angelo : What happened to Kejahunt, why did you shift from listing properties to offering relocation services?

  • About: almost 2 years ago

    Solomon K. : I approve. Used their service more than once and I always recommend them to anyone. Great solution Joshua.

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    About: almost 2 years ago

    Boneye Kagwe : KejaMove and KejaHunt Welcome Startup service.

  • About: over 2 years ago

    Sam Gichuru : Another startup I am biased about since I was an early angel investor as well as an advisor. I have not had a need to move for years, until this year and I was inspired by the way they moved things, stored what I didn't need and their automated invoicing system. Brilliant services, I would love to hear more from other founders and hunters who have tested the tech and services.