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Reach Early Stage

Category: Fintech place Nigeria

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This app is a spending tracker and budget tool, bringing all that power to you in a clear interface that tells you what you spend, where you spend, when you spend it, and how to adjust your spending to meet your life goals. If you get SMS transaction alerts, this app is for you! If you don't get SMS transaction alerts, this app is still for you! 🕶️

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  • About: almost 2 years ago

    Johnstone Mwanzi : I'm the founder of Kiduchi Freelance Network, and I have learned about this app here and I've just downloaded but according to the reviews on play-store, seems to be a nice tool. will report back in a few days with more feedback. Meanwhile you can also checkout our platform and see how we can help you in terms of business services while you focus on your goals and give us your feedback via this link

  • About: over 2 years ago

    Sam Gichuru : Bumped in JR at a Java and I was extremely inspired by what he was doing with reach, in 2017 I built an exact product called "gwap" with a small team at Nailab and it was exciting to see the surprise on peoples faces when the app analyzed their transaction and gave them feedback on their usage! - Give this app a shot and give JR feedback right here. Concerns: I would love to hear more about the level of security once I grant the app access to my sms'ses and how that is handled in the backend to guarantee privacy