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Techsuite Launched Beta

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Techsuite is a Service Marketplace connecting qualified technicians such as plumbers, electricians, masons, mechanics, etc, to paying clients

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  • d

    About: 4 months ago

    dtmaina : This is the way to go. Simple life. everything at the palm of your hand. Knowing that I dont have to go to juakali to look for a technician to attent to my appliance or even a plumber is the best idea. Keep up the good work and market the service.

  • About: 5 months ago

    Solomon K. : Hi Techsuite, two things to note; 1. I would also the name Techsuite. It potrays a technology company and not a technician marketplace. Find a name that resonates immediately with the marketplace and what you do. 2. Instead of "Find work"on the homepage, how about you put profiles of your vetted technicians under their categories ie Plumbing, Capentry et al so that once I load the site, I can directly pick what I need with the technician and can go ahead and schedule the work to him with the time I want the work done. This way you can guarantee more traffic to the site and increase awareness and ease of use.

    • T

      About: 5 months ago

      Techsuite : Solomon, thanks a lot for your feedback. It is because of such contributions that we are able to develop our product to meet consumer demand. Be assured that we will take your advice into consideration as we continue to develop a product you will enjoy. Thanks a lot.

  • E

    About: 5 months ago

    Edwin Mbugua : Hi, got to log on to your site and did not find work :) .Check on the find work menu have the page showing existing jobs uploaded and their categories instead of "no projects found" blank page.Kindly spare some few minutes and give your feedback on this start up on .

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      About: 5 months ago

      Techsuite : We will also leave feedback on your startup

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      About: 5 months ago

      Techsuite : Thank you for your feedback, Edwin. Yes, there are no projects at the moment but we are working on it day and night. We assure you that there will be projects on that page very soon.